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More than food, açaí is a cultural manifestation which has lasted for centuries, kept by the hands of the Brazilian people.

More than food, açaí berry is a cultural manifestation that has lasted for centuries, kept by the hands of the Brazilian people.  A fruit that is food for the people of the Rainforest and now providing Brazilian flavor, health and happiness for you.

We are proud to bring to the American market all the benefits that Açaí can provide. Subject of dozens of scientific researches, the Açaí berry is considered the food of the future due to its nutritional properties.  In addition, its undeniable taste conquers even the more refined palates.

Origin of the name

According to the Brazilian folklore, there was a very large indigenous tribe in the Rainforest.  As food was scarce, it was difficult to feed the tribe, the cacique (Chief) Itaki made a decision to sacrifice, from that day on, all newborn children to avoid the increase in population of his tribe.

Until one day, the cacique’s daughter Iaçá, gave birth to a girl who also had to be sacrificed. Iaçá then asked their God, Tupã, to show her father another way to help their people, without sacrificing the children.

One night, Iaçá heard a child crying and went looking for her little girl when she saw her smiling by a large palm tree.  She threw herself towards her daughter, embracing her. However, mysteriously, her daughter disappeared.

Iaçá, inconsolable, cried until she died. The next day, her body was found embracing the palm tree. However, in her face was a smile of happiness.  Their eyes were immediately drawn to the top of the palm tree, which was loaded with dark little fruits.

Itaki then harvested the fruits, which resulted in a red juice which he named Acai (Iaçá in reverse), in honor of his daughter.  Itaki fed his people and, from that day on, never sacrificed another human being.